LED Lighting

LED Lighting Installation

When it comes to your LED lighting needs, Mase Electrical can deliver on this service. Our electricians work in a variety of sectors installing LED lighting to schools, colleges, universities, retail units, warehouses, office blocks, hotels and many many more service and business sectors.

Benefits of LED Lighting 

There are many benefits to having LED lighting in your home, property or workplace. In the long term, you will notice significant savings when compared to other types of light bulbs. There are many brands of LED light bulbs. The cheaper brand swill still gives you a greater life span when compared to more traditional light bulbs.


Typically a cheap brand LED bulb will give you approximately 5000 hours of life, which is still 2000-3000 more hours of typical incandescent light bulbs which only give you approximately 750-2000 hours of usage. The improved LED brands can give you as much as 35,000-50,000 hours of life. Meaning that they are worth their money.


A typical good quality LED light will last you approximately 10 years, which is considerably more than the average light bulb. LED light bulbs do NOT contain any nasty chemicals such as mercury – and they are much more friendly for the environment. With this, they are less likely to be found in landfill as they are highly recyclable.

Spotlights V LED lights – LED light bulbs are up to 80% more energy efficient. LED bulbs take less time to brighten up as spotlights do, and give a better light which doesn’t dim over time.

So, whatever you LED light needs we can help you achieve this outcome with our electricians supplying your needs and demands.


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