All About Rewiring

Wiring a new home or an extension, or rewiring an old home or an extension can be a complex process. Here at Mase Electrical Рwe like to break down the process so that you understand exactly what this entails and can make good decisions when it comes to your project. Please read our in-depth guide to best understand the process and how it can best serve your needs.


What is a rewire?


A rewire is simply when an existing property has come to age (approx 25 to 30 years) and a new rewire is needed. This may be either a full rewire or a partial rewire . This of course is dependent upon your property’s previous history. As the electrical trade evolves, so do regulations. The government sets out certain guidelines and regulations for the industry to follow and abide.


When Is It Necessary To Have A Rewire?

Prior to determining whether you need a rewire, we suggest having an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). or formerly otherwise known as Periodic Inspection Report (PIR).


New build property’s have to be in alignment to the current regulations to be ‘signed’ off under the regulatory code of conduct – Part P. New extensions, again – need to be ‘signed’ off to conform to up-dated regulatory requirements. Without conforming to these standards – buildings may become potentially dangerous.

Landlords, business owners and alike, all need to take ‘responsible’ steps to ensure tennant’s safety is protected and not in danger. Here are some examples of when a rewire will be necessary:

  1. A new extension (partial)
  2. A new loft conversion (partial)
  3. A new circuit(s)- shower/under floor heating (partial)
  4. A new fuse board (without rewire)
  5. Full rewire (with fuse board)
  6. Full rewire to customers needs
  7. House/building more than 25 years old
  8. New data communication networks


Does A Rewire Need Approval?


A fully qualified electrician will undertake the necessary work to complete and ‘sign-off’ all work to ensure best practice within the electrical sector. Part P is a standard Approved Document as part of the buildings regulation.

Part P approved contractors will oversee rewires and give the necessary paperwork to safeguard new works are legal and done to a set level as outlined in the buildings regulations. Mase Electrical are Approved (Part P) electricians that cover all aspects of rewires and partial rewires. These include:


  1. Extensions
  2. Refurbishments
  3. Remodelling (As defined by building regulations as material alteration)
  4. New circuits
  5. Full house/building rewire including consumer units (fuse box)
  6. Any work subjected to be in a special locations. (swimming pool, outside, shower rooms)


How To Determine Whether A Property Has Had A Rewire


There are many tell-tail signs that a property has had a rewire in the past. Here are some of the signs to look out for, especially if you are about to purchase a property that is older than 25 years.

  1. Past paperwork diagrams and charts available
  2. What colour are the cables?
  3. Are the switches the same or are there differing styles around the property?
  4. Are there cables running along skirting boards or out of wiring zones?
  5. What type/style of the consumer unit
  6. What size is the main equal potential bonding

When inspecting whether your property needs a rewire, or has had a rewire in the past. There are many tell-tail signs to determine whether a rewire has taken place, whether that is a full or partial rewire will be dependent upon a few factors. Has the property been previously extended? Is the property older than 25 years? How many circuits does the property have?

With this basic information, you will be able to guesstimate the likeliness of whether a rewire has taken place previously. In some older properties, the wiring used for light fittings will be very different from the current day white UPVC style. The fuse boxes (consumer units) will also be alot bigger in shape and style then the ones currently used by qualified electricians.


What To Do If A Property Needs A Rewire


If your property needs a rewire, or partial rewire, there are several routes that may be taken. A qualified electrician will be able to conduct a survey of your property and best determine the best route for your projects needs. It may NOT be necessary to have a full house rewire, but a partial one instead. This may include:

  1. A new circuit in addition to an existing one
  2. New fuse board only
  3. Cross bonding and earthing
  4. New sockets and switches

As you can see there are many possible routes that can be taken. Our electrical contractors at Mase Electrical will conduct a thorough survey of your property and plan a solution with the best and most cost effective solution to your property’s needs.


How Will A Rewire Affect Future House Projects?


If you do NEED a rewire currently, it is important to forecast any potential future needs. As technology evolves, the use and integration of smart technology and of course the impending need for Electric Vehicle Installation – will invariably rewuire up-dates to current electrical supplies within your house or building. With this in mind it will be an idea to try and forecast what use your property may need in the future. Here are some ideas for you to consider:


  1. An impending extension
  2. An impending loft conversion
  3. Integration of electric vehivle installation at your home/work premise
  4. The installation of solar panels and battery generators
  5. Smart technology incorporating smart heating meters

Again, there is so much planning needed to ensure that your rewire project meets the demands of your homes future use. Of course, upon site survey our friendly local electrical contractors will be able to best advise you on best practice and plan the perfect route for your home’s future needs.


How Much Will A Rewire Cost?


The cost of a rewire will be dependent upon many factors. There are a lot of factors to consider, here are some of them:

  1. Cost of fuse board
  2. Cost of wiring
  3. Cost of labour
  4. Size of property
  5. Whether a full rewire or partial rewire is necessary
  6. Whether just a circuit needed or repair
  7. Switches and sockets

As you can see, it is not always possible to determine an exact price of a rewire. However, Mase Electrical understand how complex this process can be to our customers. The best solution to this would be to conduct a site survey to determine which route you would need, and to allow our contractors to best advise you based upon your projects needs and budget in mind.

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