Electrician in Bicester 

Are you seeking an electrician in Bicester? Do you have a project you NEED to complete but feel demotivated with all the results on Google? Have you been let down in the past and don’t know which company to choose? We understand how it feels. ith Mase Electrical we ONLY work with fully qualified electricians and who are experienced in their craft. If you would like to book a visit, please call 07575 601123 or you can email here, to get in touch with us.

All of our electricians are fully qualified and experienced. Unlike some companies who work with people who complete a 4-week training course, all of our electricians are very experienced with over 10 years experience on average. We can do all things electrics, so you don’t need to worry about whether you are getting a novice electrician!

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    Rewires in Bicester

    Are you seeking a rewire in Bicester? Have you just purchased an old property, or are you in an old property? Whether you are a landlord, homeowner or a tenant. We can come to your premise and do an onsite survey and get the job done! As part of our onsite survey, we will discuss any future electrical needs and make suggestions that will plan for any future projects.

    Our main priority is customer satisfaction and safety. We ONLY want the best for you, and we will always work towards budgets and the most cost-effective solutions possible.

    Rewires is best done in two phases. First, fix and second fix. It is really important to have two phases. Due to the first fix needing to be done prior to any building and plastering work as this would be silly not to.

    The second fix will consist of the switches, lights and front faceplates of sockets. These will be tested and before being made live. When it comes to a rewire there are some things you may wish to consider prior to our comprehensive site survey.


    We also serve other areas outside of Bicester. We can cover other places in Oxfordshire such as Brackley, Banbury and Oxford. We also cover these postcodes: OX1, OX2, OX3, OX4, OX5, OX6, OX7, OX8, OX9, OX10, OX16, OX26 and NN13. We also cover these villages: Chesterton, Bucknell, Bainton, Aynho, Marsh Gibbon, Bainton, Stratton Audley, Stoke Lyne, Launton, Wendlebury, Weston-On-The-Green, Ambrosden, Poundon, Stratton Audley, Godington, Ambrosden, Twyford, Fringford, Middle Aston, Tackley.

    Fuse Board Services in Bicester

    Fuse board services in Bicester are easily done with the correct knowledge. Our electricians are able to deal with complex projects and know how to solve unexpected problems. Fuse boards are common in old houses, more than 25+ years old. If your property is over 25 years old you should consider a new fuse board.

    One of our of electricians will come to your property, whether you are a homeowner, a tenant or a landlord – we can advise you best on what needs changing and what can be modified (if any).

    When you purchase a new fust board – you will receive:

    • A new consumer unit with RCD protection
    • Upgraded earth bonding to gas and water supplies for extra protection if required
    • Upgraded fuse board supplies that comply with 18th edition of the wiring regulations
    • A complete test of your electrical installation
    • A certificate to say all work is complete, safe and to current regulations

    Domestic Electrical Services

    We do all things electrics! Whether you NEED a new circuit in your garage or loft conversion we can do it! Or how about garden lighting or CCTV installation! Yes, we can do that. Whatever your NEEDS we love all things electrics!

    We can cover the electrical services:

    What Our Customers Are Asking?

    What services do you offer?

    We offer lots of services but in general anything electrical. We can help with all things domestic, commercial or industrial. from emergencies, to rewires. Please call 07575 601123 to discuss your needs.

    How much are your services?

    There is no fixed cost as every project is different. To get a quote please call 07575 601 123 so that we can discuss your project and arrange a site survey.

    I live in Daventry, do you cover my area?

    Yes. We work with local electricians. We have one in your area.

    I need a rewire can you help?

    Yes. Rewires are one of our main service areas. We can arrange a site survey and conduct a report on what you need. Please call 07575 601123 to book an appointment.

    Do you cover emergency call out?

    Yes. We do. If you have an emergency please call 07575 601123 to discuss your needs.

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